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Welcome to the home of the Mitchell family and their Hanoverian youngsters.​

"A Hanoverian is a warmblood horse originating in Germany, which is often seen in the Olympic Games and other competitive English riding styles, and have won gold medals in all three equestrian Olympic competitions. It is one of the oldest, most numerous, and most successful of the warmbloods. Originally a carriage horse, infusions of Thoroughbred blood lightened it to make it more agile and useful for competition. The Hanoverian is known for a good temperament, athleticism, beauty, and grace."

All the youngstock sold at Gamblethorpe are pure bred, pink passported Hanoverians. All our stock are purchased in Germany either at the Verden Elite Auctions or directly from the breeders on their farms. They are all purchased as foals still with their mothers. We have been importing foals from Germany for 25 year now!!

We take a special interest in the temperaments of the mothers and foals, as we believe this is one of the most important points to obtain a trainable/rideable horse.

We select a wide range of bloodlines which include both dressage and jumper breeding.

We have been travelling regularly to Germany since 1997 when we made a trip to the Verden Foal Sales for 'just one' foal. We now regularly purchase between 20 and 30 colts per year!

We usually only source colt foals but if a client requires a filly then we will do our best to find one specifically for them.

The foals travel back to the UK at weaning all together to reduce the ‘stress factor’.  We keep them in a herd situation on the farm, all the different ages are together. 

We have 72 acres of excellent grass which is used just for horses and in the wet/cold weather they are all together in a large fold yard. 

We try to grow the youngsters in as natural an environment as possible, with home grown hay in winter and lots of carrots.  The foals get extra feed in their first winter. 

We DO NOT ‘force feed’ our youngsters.   We try to eliminate the problems some encounter with ‘joints’ from overfeeding.

We have a varied selection of youngsters to fit most pockets and types and can cater from ‘happy hackers’ to ‘potential Grand Prix dressage/showjumpers’.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to arrange a visit or for more information.  We have an indoor school where the youngsters can be seen loose schooled/loose jumped.

All our stock are open to any Veterinary examinations that you may require.

Gamblethorpe Hanoverians

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