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Here you will find a few of the succesful young horses we have sold who are now out competing!!

DUBLOON - Donnerhall/Akzent

This stunning chestnut stallion was one of my all time favourites.  He Licensed as a Stallion with the BWBS becoming Champion when he was a 2 year old.  He was very succesful in Young Dressage Horse classes and competed with us up to Medium Level.  He is now in Southern Ireland with Rosemary Gaffney who competes him at Advanced Level in both Para's and Able Bodied classes.  This year he was the'Reserve' for the Southern Ireland Paralympics!!!!

LORD LUIS - Laptop/Escudo

This gorgeous  Chestnut Stallion Licensed with the AES as a 2 year old.  He has been succesful as both a breeding stallion and in showjumping.  He is now competing at the highest level with Geoff Billington.

SUPERTRAMP - Soliman de Hus/Rotspon

This amazing stallion has Licensed with the Hanoverian/Oldenburg and BWBS Society.  Recently completed his 70 day performance test.  Now standing at the Woodlander Stud.  He was Supreme Champion at the BWBS Annual Show as a Yearling.  Still only 3 years old, great things are expected from this horse.

COSWORTH - Contendro

This amazing black gelding who now resides in Florida USA is doing amazingly well in the dressage arena.  Last season he was placed 5th in the whole of the USA at his level!

Gamblethorpe Hanoverians

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